Behaviour Change

The Estates and Facilities team have been working hard to ensure that our buildings are as efficient as possible: be that our innovative new builds such as Stockwell Street, or retrofitting our beautiful historical building such as the Edwardian redbricks at our Medway campus.


Reducing impact, however, does not just come down to technology. We are just as responsible in how we use our buildings and what choices we make when we are in them.

Changing our behaviour can be a quick and cost effective way of saving energy, creating a positive change and reducing our impact on the environment. However, this is often easier said than done as changing your behaviour can often be tricky when we have a certain number of habitual or default behaviours that we have never questioned before.

It’s only 1 straw” said a billion people.

Simple actions such as switching off electrical items and lights or using reusable rather than disposable hot drinks containers makes a real difference.  Individual actions collectively make a huge difference.  Consider if all of the university’s café users asked for their coffees in mugs, we would then not have to dispose of over 360,000 disposable cups! The same thinking goes for many, many behaviours.

At the University of Greenwich we are looking at ways in which we can help people who want to be at the center of positive change. These people are part of The University of Greenwich Sustainability Champions Network and you can find out more about them here.

If you want to  help the University reduce its impact then please take a look at our Energy and Water page to find some simple steps you can take to help. If you would like to join the Network and become a Sustainability Champion yourself please contact the Sustainable Development Unit at







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