Meet our Sustainability Events Intern

I’m Adissa Savane, a newly Human Resource Management graduate student and currently working as Intern in the Sustainable Development Unit of the University of Greenwich. As responsibilities over these three months I will be working on the management of a project for this year’s Ethical & Fairtrade Fortnight.  I believe this is an opportunity for me to get new knowledge on another subject other than what I studied for my degree to get new skills and be able to influence others.

I didn’t have much knowledge on the subject of Sustainability when I was offered this internship. My short research on it allowed to understand how it covers many aspects related to the environment and nature. Managing a project in this field allows me to get extra knowledge and an understanding of what project management entails, and mainly know more about sustainability as a whole.

During my early days of my internship I discovered how the success of this event is significant for the university because one of the UK’s university s which has won some awards for their support for a sustainable future. I will be working with key partners to manage, organise and coordinate the Fairtrade Fortnight across all three campuses in order to educate people and make them aware of what to eat, drink and even wear. Seeing the scale of this event for the university I know it will be stressful stuff but I believe I will achieve something positive for my future career.

Click here for information about the Fortnight.