Mark Rufus -his views on his Sustainability Internship

I recently graduated with a degree in Education, this was a teacher training degree. It was an exciting and challenging course and I enjoyed the creative and interactive activities that were involved. I decided that I wanted to use the skills I have learnt for an alternative career. I am currently open to potential career ideas that would match my background, skillset and personal interests.

When researching career alternatives, I discovered project management and found out that I could use the skills I developed when studying my degree. I decided to apply for an internship (Graduate Trainee Project Officer in SDU) at the university to gain more experience and a clearer understanding about project management. When applying for the role, I didn’t have a clear and consistent understanding about what sustainability entailed. I am interested in developing project management skills and learning about sustainability over the course of this internship. This will enable me to have a clearer understanding of what project management involves and understanding how sustainability can be used in a working environment.

The project l am working on involves the reuse of furniture. The university is aiming to investigate a system that is available to universities and other organisations to better redistribute large amounts of furniture internally. My first objective was to investigate Warp it, an online platform that allows universities and other organizations to distribute, reuse and recycle surplus redundant resources such as furniture, equipment, fixtures and fittings. I have found out that other universities have used this tool and have found it beneficial. I have found out how other universities have used it and how the University of Greenwich would take action if the platform was to be used.

In order to gain permission from the Head of Campus Services to register with Warp It, my objective is to write a report explaining the justification of using Warp It and how university staff would make use of it. I have developed my research and communication skills buy interviewing staff members including Estates and Facilities staff and Faculty and Departmental staff. These interviews have been conducted both face to face and via telephone. I have learnt about how important sustainability is from the perspective of university staff.

I believe that this internship will give me the opportunities to develop old and new skills that will equip me for my future career.