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Works of first female press photographer to go on show

Christina Broom

The life and work of Christina Broom, considered to be the UK’s first female press photographer, will be celebrated with a major exhibition.

‘Soldiers and Suffragettes: The Photography of Christina Broom’ opens at the Museum of London Docklands on Friday.

The exhibition includes includes a cross section of her work, including Suffragette processions, First World War soldiers, official photographs of the Household Division and key London events, from the Lord Mayor’s Parade and royal coronations and funerals to historical pageants.

Bread Therapy


With tasty treats like artisan breads, pizzas and toasted focaccias, one creative north London bakery doubles as a project for people recovering from mental ill health.

The trainee bakers learn how to make all kinds of breads and they are encouraged to talk while they work. It isn’t counselling, but it is therapy of a different kind.  More

Sport & Gender: Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Sport Administration

Debbie Jeavons

Normally when interviewing prominent figures from the world of sport there are two givens.

The first is that their back story will be available online so there is no need to ask about it. The second is that there would not be enough time anyway.

Debbie Jevans, the chief executive of next year’s England 2015 Rugby World Cup was different – is different – which perhaps explains why the Guardian named her the most influential woman in British sport earlier this year.

A cynic might say that sounds a bit like topping a list of famous Belgians, Welsh World Cup heroes or English lacrosse legends, and Jevans would probably agree.  More