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Where are the black dolls in High Street stores?


An internet search for black dolls will bring up about 20 million results in less than a second – but parents have discovered the toys to be increasingly hard to find on the shelves of High Street stores. Why is this?

Three-year-old Sofia-Lily is the only mixed-race girl in her playgroup. She often points out this difference to her mother Abbey Potter, who has been trying to reassure her child, partly through dolls that look like her.  More

Dating app Tinder launches new transgender and gender identity options

_88778687_thinkstock_swiperightDating app Tinder has launched a new feature that will allow users to add information about their gender.

Until now, members were offered only two options when selecting their identity – man or woman.

The app was criticised earlier in the year after a number of people from the transgender community claimed their accounts were suspended after complaints from other users.

Tinder says it’s now decided to make the app more inclusive More  

Universities to hide applicants’ names in anti-bias trial


Universities are going to test “name-blind” admissions for the first time to stop potential discrimination based on assumptions about students’ names.

Exeter, Huddersfield, Liverpool and Winchester will pilot a system this year where the names of applicants are not seen during admissions.

The aim is to stop “potential bias” about students’ race and identity.  More