Stonewall guest seminar – Thur 22 Mar

As part of Celebrate Difference and Diversity Week, we were delighted to welcome Charlie Wheeler-Quinnell from Stonewall,  the lesbian, gay and bisexual charity

Charlie gave an interesting lecture, highlighting amongst many other things that it is only since 2003 that the law changed making it unlawful to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation in the workplace. She told us about some of the great work Stonewall are doing in campaigning at ‘home, school and work’ for lesbian, gay and bisexual people, and some of the reports they have commissioned. 

The university is signed up to the Stonewall Diversity Champions programme to support LGB staff, and Charlie was explaining why how important this ongoing committment is and how Stonewall is helping us become an employer of choice.

We are hoping to engage with the staff and student LGB groups to consult on what is needed – work will be commencing on this soon. For more information or to input into this area of work, please feel free to email Karen Weaver, Equality and Diversity Champion via

Find out more about Stonewall

Nursery visit and wellbeing event – 21st March

The first Staff and Student Wellbeing event of 2012 happened yesterday in the Dome at Avery Hill to great success. Well done to Helga Brandao, Healthy Living and Wellbeing Co-Ordinator, for organising so many varied exhibitors and a great event! Let Helga know your feedback via

As part of the event the children of Avery Hill Nursery came over to put on a performance of ‘Handa’s Surprise’ – a story about an African lady handing out different fruits. The children were fantastic, dressed in national clothing with homemade animal headress. Thanks so much to Paulina Bush, Nursery Manager, her team and, of course, the children, for putting on a lovely show. Photographs to follow!