What’s New 2017/2018

New in the Studios for the Academic year 2017/2018

PC Workstations

  • Windows 10 is now on all of the PCS (please report any odd issues to tech staff)
  • 10 new Dell Worksation machines; Xeon E5-1650 CPU / 32GB Ram / 512GB SSD / NVIDIA Quadro M4000 graphics. (Second bank back from the wall to 1014)
  • Autodesk 2018 suite; latest versions of Autocad / 3DS / Maya / Mudbox.
  • Adobe 2017 Suite; the latest versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.
  • Vray 3.4 this is a much improved version of Vray for Rhino, Sketchup and 3DS – the Rhino and Sketchup version feature Vray Swarm which allows all machines (even logged out) to participate in shared rendering
  • Cinema 4D. New software for 3d modelling, animation and motion graphics
  • FARO Scene 7 on the new Dell Workstations for processing data from the Laser Scanner
  • Unity 2017 and Autodesk Stingray 3d games engine editor

iMac Computers

  • Mac OSX Sierra is now installed on all iMacs in the studio
  • 5 new 27 inch / 32GB Machines
  • Adobe 2017 Suite; the latest versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.

HTV Vive VR Headset

With location awareness as well as motion tracked hand controllers to allow 3ds files etc. to be taken into Unity or Stingray and so enable 3d models to be explored and interacted with in VR.


The workshop will open later on a Monday – 11 o’clock – this is to allow regular maintenance and cleaning to be carried out.

A new pricing system for the laser cutters – and now the CNC machine – is in place.  Full details are here

Studio Layout

The final layout of the studio – to be undertaken on the weekend of the 7th October – is a less cluttered layout with the two tall key clamp towers being removed and the smaller ones being moved to the rear studio S11-1010.


Online Print Credit

This planned to roll out in the next few weeks and will mean you can top up your print accounts via a website rather than visiting a print credit machine.


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