Oce Colorwave 700 Plotter

We have a new large format / large volume plotter: an Oce Colorwave 700


This machine replaces the HP DesignJet T7100 Plotter.  It is a much faster and higher quality plotter and it allows for printing on various media types.  PRICES HAVE NOT CHANGED

Please note we will be testing and trying out different media types initially – please feel free to give feedback and suggestions on which media you like or would like to see.

To start off with we shall be offering the following media:

Paper Type Queue Name  A2/A1/A0   Roll
Top Color Paper 120gsm
STANDARD-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q1 £1 / £2 / £4 R1 + 2
Top Color Paper 200 gsm
PREMIUM-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q3 £2 / £4 / £8 R3
Inkjet Tracing Paper 90gsm
PTYPE4-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q4 £1 / £2 / £4 R4
Wallpaper Non-woven 120gsm
PTYPE5-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q5 £2 / £4 / £8 R5
Photo Paper
Instant Dry Photo Paper – Satin
PTYPE6-PLOT-DST-CW700-Q6 £2 / £4 / £8 R6

You can plot from the Macs – but currently only to the Standard and Premium queues.

We shall leave samples of media types pinned up around the S11 Print area for you to have a look at.

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