• Formlabs Fuse1
  • Nylon Powder, dark grey 
  • Strong, detailed, smooth surface finish – can be spray painted 
  • Workshop Category: W5
  • Workshop Risk Category: Blue: Bookable and paid for services

The Zcorp 450 creates 3D Prints by laying down very fine layers of powder and using an ink jet head to spray binder that fuses the powder together. It’s one of the highest resolutions, fastest, and most versatile methods of printing. Printing times can be x10 faster than FDM or SLA.

The unused powder in the build volume acts as support material, meaning there are no supports to cut away from the printed model. Binder Jetting creates very weak parts that need to be strengthened during post-processing

Start with an assessment of your design to ensure a successful outcome:

  • The 3D file has to be either .STL or .OBJ. Save .STL as 0.01 Binary
  • The object must be “water-tight”. No single faces without a thickness.
  • You are only paying for the material used: 35p per cm3
  • Book a consultation/file drop-off appointment via the sign-up sheet on the office door

Only complete the following after you have received a face to face induction – wear Nitrile gloves and the BOFA FumeCab when strengthening the prints

Start with a Risk Assessment to ensure a safe work area:

  1. Wear a P3 dust mask when handling unprocessed prints outside of the cleaning/processing chamber
  2. Wear Nitrile gloves throughout the entire post-processing
  3.  Remove loose fitting clothing, jewellery, and tie back long hair
  4. Give the work your undivided attention
  5. Make sure the area is clear of people
  6. Ensure there is an available and clean bay in a spray booth/FumeCab prior to processing

Speak with a member of workshop staff before removing prints for processing

Operational Safety Rules:

  1. Use the vacuum setting and attachment to remove excess powder from the build
  2. Ensure the lifting cover on the printer is closed when using the blower and brush to clean excess powder from prints
  3. Strengthening the prints: Place in FumeCab, turn on and close cover, wearing Nitrile gloves carefully apply Cyanoacrylate solution – using a tub to catch any excess – dab excess solution using white paper towel
  4. Leave print in FumeCab for at least 30 minutes to allow the Cyanoacrylate solution to ‘gas’ off

Its important to always clean the machine after each print. Cleaning carried out by Staff and Staff Assistants

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