5 things to remember before booking any location

  1. Contact the relevant location for a preliminary availability check.
    • Include the building name and room number. If you’d like to do a preliminary visit (Recce) to the room, studio, or space, make sure to mention this (and ask security when you arrive). 
  2. Discuss your shoot in detail with your tutor confirming the locations availability.  
    • If your tutor feels that your filming is of a general ‘low-risk nature’ and the rest of your Risk Assessment (RA) is correct, with the COVID section completed to satisfaction and the Declaration of COVID-safe training signed off, then it’s likely that your RA will be approved.  
  3. Submit your Risk Assessment along with a Method Statement (RAMS) to whoever responsible for your chosen location.
    • They will respond within their lead time (approximately within 2 weeks) as to whether your location filming permission has been granted.
    • Check to see if the location also requires its own separate risk assessment.
  4. If your tutor or Production Coordinator identifies any ‘key safety concerns’ with your proposal, they will flag these with you.
    • ‘Key safety concerns’ pertain to COVID-19 and Fire safety, both of which you will cover in your risk assessment. Remember to consider crew, staff, public and contributors/actors. 
    • Discuss with your chosen location how you could better mitigate those risks.
  5. If you are filming in any of the University “teaching” spaces, you will need security clearance for visitors (i.e. actors, chaperones) from design_school@gre.ac.uk. Provide admin staff with full names, contact number, age, the reason for visit, time, duration and date of visit.

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