Room Booking Checklist & Visitor Clearance

When you are contacting whoever responsible for a University room or library space, please include the following:

☑️ Name and contact number of student booking the space.
☑️ Course and year.
☑️ Production name.
☑️ Names of all crew members.
☑️ One additional contact number.
☑️ Room number and location (e.g. Avery Hill Southwood Site, Room xx)
☑️ Why do you need the room? (filming, auditions, rehearsals, film production meetings)
☑️ The number of people in the room at one time. This number must be accurate due to Covid.
☑️ Date and time (to and from) you require the room. Check the university buildings opening hours.
☑️ State your risks clearly and illustrate how you will be COVID-safe in this space.
☑️ Does the furniture needs moving? Say it here.
☑️ Ask the School for visitor clearance (for actors, guardians, runners) and they will email reception for visitor passes. Please do not contact reception/security directly.

If anything in this list changes, inform the School/Library within office hours. For security, COVID, and everyone’s personal safety, only names on the security list will be permitted access.

Information required for working with under 18’s

☑️ What is the age of the child?
☑️ What will the child be doing?
☑️ How long will this take?
☑️ Will they be accompanied at all times?
☑️ Has the parent or guardian given signed permission to allow the child to be filmed? And this been attached to your risk assessment?
☑️ Where will filming take place? (i.e. film studio, external location, etc)

Visitor Security Clearance

If you are filming in any of the University spaces (that aren’t ORNC buildings), you will need security clearance for visitors (i.e. actors, chaperones, guardians).

💡 How: Email and provide the details below. They will email reception for visitor passes.

☑️ full name(s)
☑️ contact number
☑️ age
☑️ reason for visit
☑️ date(s)
☑️ time
☑️ duration

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