Room booking checklist

When you are contacting whoever responsible for a University room or library space, please include the following:

☑️ Name and contact number of student booking the space.
☑️ Course and year.
☑️ Production name.
☑️ Names of all crew members.
☑️ One additional contact number.
☑️ Room number and location (e.g. Avery Hill Southwood Site, Room xx)
☑️ Why do you need the room? (filming, auditions, rehearsals, film production meetings)
☑️ The number of people in the room at one time. This number must be accurate especially during times of covid due to social distancing rules.
☑️ Date and time (to and from) you require the room. Check the university buildings opening hours.
☑️ State your risks clearly and illustrate how you will be COVID-safe in this space.
☑️ Does the furniture needs moving? Say it here and please include start and finish times.
☑️ Names, ages, and roles of any external visitors (i.e. actors, guardians, runners). The School/Library will email reception for visitor passes. Please do not contact reception/security directly.

If anything in this list changes, inform the School/Library within office hours. For security, COVID, and everyone’s personal safety, only names on the security list will be permitted access.

Info required for working with under 18’s

☑️ What is the age of the child?
☑️ What will the child be doing?
☑️ How long will this take?
☑️ Will they be accompanied at all times?
☑️ Has the parent or guardian given signed permission to allow the child to be filmed? And this been attached to your risk assessment?
☑️ Where will filming take place? (ie film studio, external location, etc)

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