Thursday 6 April 2017
when: Thursdays 19:00
place: LT004 – Stockwell Street, University of Greenwich

Naomi Games On Abrams Games | website
Diversity and Inclusivity By Design During WW2

“I wind the spring and the public, in looking at the poster, will have that spring released in its mind.” – A Games

This Thursday Naomi Games, daughter of designer Abram Games (1914-1996), will be joining us to talk about his working process and show progressive sketches from his archive.



open.lecture.series 2017
The Design Roast (5th year) is an open discussion group for anyone interested in creative design practices and theories of cross-disciplinarity, design, new media technologies, interactions, visual communication and philosophies of the state-of-the current and future design.

2017 Design roast series: on Diversity and Inclusivity by Design