Thursday 22 February 2018
when: Thursdays 19:15-20.15
place: LT004 – Stockwell Street, University of Greenwich
Jim Rokos |
Changing Perceptions with Design | Dyslexia 
Jim is a multi award-winning designer. His brand of home décor is playful, and the sculptural objects behave in unexpected ways. Exceptional products express their personalities. Coming to life when they are used, they can take on the mood of the users , they can take on the behavior of the objects contained (Gauge flower vase), they can be shy or extrovert while performing their job.
In 2016, Jim curated the very first Dyslexic Design exhibition, which was designed by Ab Rogers and hosted by design-junction. The show challenged perceptions of dyslexia by accentuating its positive effects and its close association with design. Dyslexic Design is a Silver Winner in the London Design Awards. It was also nominated for the iF Social Impact Prize 2017 for Health & Demographic Change.

Reddot Design Award Winner 2012

open.lecture.series 2018
The Design Roast (6th year) is an open discussion group for anyone interested in creative design practices and theories of cross-disciplinarity, design, new media technologies, interactions, visual communication and philosophies of the state-of-the current and future design.
2018 Design roast series: on Diversity and Inclusivity by Design