Thursday 18 February 2021 | Naomi Games | The diverse life and inclusive Design of Abram Games

Poster Design by Johanna Modin | BA H Graphic and Digital Design student


London-based Abram Games was one of the most important designers of the 20th century. Spanning his career of 60 years, his work creates a striking record of the social history of modern Britain. Naomi will talk about her father’s personal philosophy of diverse and inclusive approach towards “maximum meaning, minimum means”.


DESIGN ROAST open.lecture.series 2019
The Design Roast (7th year) is an open discussion group for anyone interested in creative design practices and theories of cross-disciplinarity, design, new media technologies, interactions, visual communication and philosophies of the state-of-the current and future design.
2019 Design roast series: on Diversity and Inclusivity by Design in Creative industries


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