Thursday 28 January 2021 | Alexandros Kosmidis | Design to move people forward

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What should the focus of design be in this new decade of possibility? Can creativity play a role in visualising and materialising new realities? How does design add value in a world full of so many burning issues and during a period where humanity is seeking to install systemic changes?

Poster Design by Jorge Medina | BA H Graphic and Digital Design student


Alexandros is a graphic designer at ForPeople International creative agency in London. He is internationally recognised for his work and in 2019 was awarded with The Society of Typographic Arts’s (STA) prestigious design work as one of the STAs 100 most influenced designers of the year with his work titled “UNBUFFER”


DESIGN ROAST open.lecture.series 2019
The Design Roast (7th year) is an open discussion group for anyone interested in creative design practices and theories of cross-disciplinarity, design, new media technologies, interactions, visual communication and philosophies of the state-of-the current and future design.
2019 Design roast series: on Diversity and Inclusivity by Design in Creative industries


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