3 April 2014- Preparing for the “Real” Design world – Bahador Katouzian “GoUp”

I am a student; then a graduate; then unemployed; then a Masters of Arts student; then unemployed again….. Not exactly like that but something like….

I was a student; with experiences; with passion about design; with a postgraduate degree that found a job and started a career in creative industries…. Hmmm!!! that sounds better

As Head Designer at Go Up, I have interviewed lots of new applicants for junior roles. Some present themselves very professionally, whereas others would let themselves down despite clearly being talented. But why? I would like to give tips on searching for a design job, learning how to present your work, and how to prepare for and shine in an interview.

In the final part of this session I am going to talk about the realities of being a designer. What’s it really like? How do I deal with setbacks and negative feedback? How do I stay inspired and creative within a work environment?

Bahador [Botte] katouzian graduated from the BA H in Graphic and Digital Design in 2010. Currently is a a creative Director at GoUp group