30 January 2014- Sam Gordon Present his work in Framestore :: “gravity” || Alex Goddard in App design

Our recent graduates Sam Gordon and Alexandra Goddard, will be talking about their work in the creative industries.

Sam Gordon, 3D Artist/Modeller (web) (modeller for Gravity film)

Currenlty Sam is working as 3D Artist/Modeller in Framestore,  a British visual effects company based near Oxford Street in London. Formed in 1986, it acquired the Computer Film Company in 1997. with some of the greatest creative ideas in films an advertising.

Also work including

Modeller – Dracula Untold (2014)
Modeller – Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
Modeller – Robocop (2014)
Modeller – Gravity (2013)


Alexandra Goddard

Since graduating from the University of Greenwich in 2011 I have spent much of my time building upon and applying my knowledge learned in different areas of design.  I began my career as a web and graphic designer before interning at a London animation & post production studio and collaborating with other artists on various 3D projects.
One of the projects I began volunteering on led me to become a co-founder of an innovative real-time mobile games development startup, who’s vision is to make 3D games design easy and accessible for all.
Our technology is based on a drag and drop interface, which greatly reduces the necessity for programming knowledge to create and publish games.  The tool provides a platform for artists like myself to showcase their artwork, models, animations, and demonstrate their skills to prospective employers; along with encouraging young people to learn about coding and design in a kinaesthetic way.

Websites: http://www.3Der.co.uk & http://www.playir.com/