14 Mar 2013 – We Pick Cherries: Creative Recruitment Agency

Amy Hart, presents: Creative Recruitment Agency
Owner of Creative Recruitment Agency
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Traditionally trained as an Artist & Lecturer with a first class honours degree and recent masters from Goldsmiths University of London coupled with a Lecturer’s qualification. Amy has taught at several universities and colleges at both degree, masters level & further education. Her career in recruitment came as a continuation and natural progression of her love of people and creativity, she’s been successful within recruitment because of this and is known for putting heart and passion into all she does,  living and breathing creativity. A firm believer in practicing what she preaches, Amy exhibits her artwork, notably at the Queens Diamond Jubilee Exhibition in 2012 with Art Below and further global exhibitions in Europe.

In agency world, Amy’s passion for finding the right person for the right role and the right role for the right person is something that she will not compromise on and tirelessly works to that end, with a unique understanding of what makes creatives and creativity really tick. Her clients range from the big global advertising agencies, to growing smaller start ups from grass roots. She believes in developing lasting, trusting relationships with her clients and creatives that span years and whole careers.  Amy recruits for creative directors, art directors, copywriters, teams, designers and planners!

The Talk:

Amy’s talk will discuss her journey to running her own creative business whilst understanding how to organise her life, learning to prioritise and overlay her artistic and teaching practice alongside her business. This talk will make sense for any polymaths that can often get confused with the possibilities of what they can do.

It took her a while to figure out her ‘happy place’ and what she was about too!

She will also give a broad economic overview into jobs, the economy and how to differentiate yourself as a creative in a difficult marketplace including networking, cv writing and self promotion