The Cultural Insight Workshop Event 25th October 2019.

The cultural insight workshop includes a range of fun and interactive activities for all students to engage with. Students can meet others from different backgrounds and countries, spanning from Germany to China!

Whether it is expanding your knowledge of different cultures, making friends, learning how to advance your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, or developing your LinkedIn account, the lecture slides and teamwork activities are incredibly useful in providing the tools to expand your social development and knowledge of oneself.

Wesley – “I found the workshop very helpful in meeting new friends.”

Over the course of the workshop students can participate in various activities including:

  • Minion Hugging – wherein a number is called out and the students must quickly make a team of that amount.
  • Speed Friending – wherein students talk to three separate partners and get to know each other within five minutes.
  •  A competition to find the most commonalities with your peers in as short a time as possible.

Sisi said: “I loved it! My favourite activity was definitely the speed friending, where you can speak to others one-to-one. It was amazing to meet so many people from different cultures!”

Overall, the workshop is a welcoming experience, helpful and supportive, building confidence in students both socially and in their own abilities.  All these activities help to improve confidence and social skills, as well as being fun!


Leanne Pitt  (BA English Literature, Year 2)

Cultural Insight rewards

In a Cultural Insight workshop, you participate in interactive group activities, learn to appreciate cultural differences and navigate yourself in a multicultural environment like University of Greenwich. After the workshop, you can enjoy a meal (worth £6) with your newly met friends.

Apart from the learning benefits mentioned above, we are pleased to introduce our attendance rewards system.

Cultural Insight Attendance Reward System

# of attendanceRewardsNote
110 GEP points​An attendance confirmation sent within one week of a workshop
210 GEP points X2​
A LinkedIn endorsement from Cultural Insight project team
An attendance confirmation sent within one week of a workshop
310 GEP points X3​
A LinkedIn endorsement from Cultural Insight project team
An attendance confirmation sent within one week of a workshop​
Viewed as 4 attendances​ if a blog post is submitted and published
4 +10 GEP points X4​
A LinkedIn endorsement from Cultural Insight project team​
DVC(A) certificate
An attendance confirmation sent within one week of a workshop

Want to earn free rewards? It is never too late to join our workshops!

Please find the coming workshops dates and locations below, for more information please see Cultural Insight 2019-20: Workshops to help you find success in Greenwich’s Global Village:

You can sign up for workshops by using this online form.

For any enquiries, please contact

Cultural Insight Team

Requirements for Cultural Insight Blog 


This blog is created to provide an insight into what life at Greenwich is really like. As University of Greenwich (UoG) is ranked as one of the top two most culturally diverse universities in the world (HotCourses Diversity Index 2016), we would like to collect stories written by the people who know UoG best: our students.  


Any topics are welcome here. For example:   

  • Insights into different aspects of life at University of Greenwich, so you know what to expect  
  • Stories about our students’ time at university  
  • Advice about topics relevant to you. That might be top tips for an interview, how to choose your programme and module, or some guidance on how to settle into university life.  
  • Stories about where you come from and ways of doing things back home  

We suggest that you do a bit of research to help you decide why you want to either start or write for a blog.

They key is to ask yourself: will it be useful to your audience? And will you benefit from the experience?  

When you prepare the content, you can consider whether you 

  • offer content in different formats like videos and podcasts.  
  • have an article with a length of at least 140 words. 
  • make sure you write good quality, well-researched content.  
    use subheadings for longer posts.  
    use eye-catching images optimised for web use that can be downloaded quickly, especially for mobile devices.   
    always write clearly with your readers in mind.   

We welcome images and/or video to accompany guest posts. Your images should:  

  • be directly relevant to the post content.  
  • in full color.  
  • reference the sources of authors/photographers 
  • be in the format of .jpg, .gif or .png and meet our size/quality requirements: 
    • Feature image (Required): width of 800px and a height of 450px.  
    • Large Image (Optional): 656px by 410px will fill entire width of the post.  
    • Medium Image (Optional): 300px by 199px will fill ½ the width of the post.  

If you use videos, note that: 

  • the length of a video is between 1 and 4 minutes.  
  • a video may be filmed in languages other than English. However, non-English language videos should have English subtitles.  

To submit your article,  

  • include your personal information, e.g., name, student ID, programme, and year of study   
  • save your article in Word (.doc or .docx) and send it to .   
  • your article will be reviewed by the Cultural Insight team and editing may be done if it is accepted for publication. Once published, you can take a screen shot of your blog post and use it as evidence for Greenwich Employability Passport Challenge submissions.  


  • You gain GEP points for up to 2 blog posts per year.  
  • Blogging provides an opportunity to network, learn, share and be part of a community.  
  • You will become a better reader and writer.  
    Through writing, you will be better able to express yourself, understand yourself and build up your confidence.   
    You can use your blog post(s) to showcase digital literacy and communication skills to a potential employer. 

Out and About: Explore Greenwich Global Village

On the 4th of October, 3 groups of Chinese international students from different subject areas (e.g. EIB and HPSS) walked around the Greenwich campus to investigate how vibrant and diverse our community is.  

On the campus, within 15 minutes, our Chinese student groups approached nearly twenty students and staff to interview them about their cultural backgrounds and life outside of the university.  

To develop a deeper insight of cultural diversity, our Chinese international students also asked questions about other students and staff’s views on how culturally diverse they think Greenwich community is and their views of the university of Greenwich. Note that University of Greenwich is ranked as one of the top two most culturally diverse universities in the world, according to Hotcourses Diversity Index in 2016

A key message drawn out of this outing is that we should all try to talk to people from different cultures and enjoy it. Here are some tips shared by one of our special attendants: 

The first workshop delivered by the Cultural Insight team “Student Life in the UK” is fun and thought-provoking. Our next workshop will be “Your Voice, Your Community” where you can join and enjoy making friends in a speed networking form:

2-5 pm, 16 October 2019Room 10_B006, Greenwich Campus
2-5pm , 23 October 2019G104, Avery Hill campus
10am – 1pm, 25 October 2019Room 10_B004, Greenwich Campus

Excellent results when Chinese international students got their cultural insight tested

More than 20 international students from China attended the first Cultural insight workshop. They had a fun discussion sharing their most embarrassing moments and their most satisfying moments in the UK so far.  

As a group, they identified and shared their own top 10 cultural differences experienced in the UK.

Referring to all the stories and experiences shared by students, Dr Tsay shared tips from research on how to avoid cultural faux: 

  • Interview those who have gone before you 
  • Take a step back and observe   
  • Befriend the locals 
  • Read a lot—especially body language and facial expressions  
  • Ask lots and lots of questions  

Interested in finding out “have you ever committed a cultural faux pas”?

Cultural Insight 2019-20: Workshops to help you find success in Greenwich’s Global Village

  • Is this your first time studying at a University in the UK? 
  • Do you want to learn how to navigate yourself in a multicultural environment at the University of Greenwich? 
  • Would you like to meet and make international friends you might not have met?
  • Are you concerned about communicating effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds? 
  • Do you want to become a better version of yourself by getting out of the comfort zone? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, the workshops will be beneficial for you.

Each workshop will be delivered at least once at Avery Hill and Greenwich campus – see the events listings below for details of the workshops, where they are taking place and how to book. 

In the workshops, students from different backgrounds can learn about UK Higher Education and how to build communication confidence, gain skills to help improve their employability and develop cultural intelligence (CQ). More importantly, you will meet friends outside of your faculty and have fun! 

The Cultural Insight project team worked with Chinese International students last year and they endorsed the workshops saying:

There are several reasons that attracted me to this workshop. The first is the diversification of activities, including games, presentation, critical thinking and stories sharing.  Moreover, the staff in the workshop were excellent,  sharing their personal stories as incentives to us.

These workshops have helped freshers like me to integrate into English learning and life more quickly. The most useful help was to enhance my confidence in cross-cultural communications.


Lunch or dinner is provided at the workshop.  On fulfilling set criteria, students are eligible for:

  • 10 Greenwich Employability Passport points for each workshop they attend
  • Endorsement on LinkedIn from the Cultural Insight project team
  • A certificate of completion from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

How to book a workshop

You can sign up to individual workshops using the links in the event listings below, or alternatively you can use this online form.

If you have any questions about these workshops please contact

The Cultural Insight Team