Out and About: Explore Greenwich Global Village

On the 4th of October, 3 groups of Chinese international students from different subject areas (e.g. EIB and HPSS) walked around the Greenwich campus to investigate how vibrant and diverse our community is.  

On the campus, within 15 minutes, our Chinese student groups approached nearly twenty students and staff to interview them about their cultural backgrounds and life outside of the university.  

To develop a deeper insight of cultural diversity, our Chinese international students also asked questions about other students and staff’s views on how culturally diverse they think Greenwich community is and their views of the university of Greenwich. Note that University of Greenwich is ranked as one of the top two most culturally diverse universities in the world, according to Hotcourses Diversity Index in 2016

A key message drawn out of this outing is that we should all try to talk to people from different cultures and enjoy it. Here are some tips shared by one of our special attendants: 

The first workshop delivered by the Cultural Insight team “Student Life in the UK” is fun and thought-provoking. Our next workshop will be “Your Voice, Your Community” where you can join and enjoy making friends in a speed networking form:

2-5 pm, 16 October 2019Room 10_B006, Greenwich Campus
2-5pm , 23 October 2019G104, Avery Hill campus
10am – 1pm, 25 October 2019Room 10_B004, Greenwich Campus

Excellent results when Chinese international students got their cultural insight tested

More than 20 international students from China attended the first Cultural insight workshop. They had a fun discussion sharing their most embarrassing moments and their most satisfying moments in the UK so far.  

As a group, they identified and shared their own top 10 cultural differences experienced in the UK.

Referring to all the stories and experiences shared by students, Dr Tsay shared tips from research on how to avoid cultural faux: 

  • Interview those who have gone before you 
  • Take a step back and observe   
  • Befriend the locals 
  • Read a lot—especially body language and facial expressions  
  • Ask lots and lots of questions  

Interested in finding out “have you ever committed a cultural faux pas”?