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Social cinema screenings

Social Cinema: The Line Up

It’s back!

Our fortnightly film series is bringing more film, more themes and more mockery than before.

Social Cinema is a free, interactive series that pushes you to think about film (the classics, the cult and the damn right awful) in a new way. Each installment provides both a discussion, led by our academics, as well as a full screening of that week’s pick. It’s possibly the first cinema experience to ask you to get out your phones! We positively encourage you to tweet your love and / or disdain. So… a free cinema experience, where you can still be on your phone? When’s the next one!?

Monday 17th October: 

‘His American Dream Is Bigger Than Yours’: Neoliberal Aesthetics in Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain (2013)

(Discussion led by Alex Lichtenfels)



Monday 31st October:

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: Reflexive Commentary in I Survived A Zombie Holocaust ​(2015)

(Discussion led by Ian Thompson)



Monday 14th November: 

REMEMBRANCE DAY SPECIAL: The Code of Storytelling in The Imitation Game (2015)

(Discussion led by Ryan Flynn)















Monday 28th November: 

The Best of the Bonds? On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

(Discussion led by Gregory Sporton/Chris Nunn)



Monday 12th December: 



The screenings always take place in Lecture Theatre 11_0004 at 6pm every other Monday. All students welcome to attend. Bring your friends, bring your snacks and bring your opinions!

We hope to see you there.



Social Cinema: Sound of Gravity









At the 2014 Academy Awards Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity won seven Oscars. Three of these seven were for sound:

  • Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures,
  • Best Achievement in Sound Mixing,
  • Best Achievement in Sound Editing.

The sonic element forms a vital component of the filmic experience, unseen and often neglected.

The next Social Cinema recognises the importance of sound in the filmic experience by presenting the feature film alongside a Sonic Documentary made by the films Sound Designer, Glen Freemantle.

Merging sound design with the memories and reflections of real Cosmonauts and Astronauts, Glen Freemantle explores the possibilities afforded by sound in constructing evocative and compelling dramatic narratives.

Join us in LT0004, on the 11th April for a sonic journey and the final Social Cinema screening of the year.

6pm – Sounds Up There, by Glen Freemantle (Best Achievement in Sound Editing 2014, Gravity)

6:30pm – Gravity, by Alfonso Cuarón (et al.)


Social Cinema: Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run:

A heart pounding story of life, death, decisions and repercussions including live action, animation and a stonking techno soundtrack. 

Lola’s boyfriend loses 100,000 DM while delivering it to mobsters, she has 20 minutes to raise the money and get it to him to prevent him from robbing a store.

Will she make it?

Join us on the 22nd of February to delve into the narrative of Run Lola Run and take part in our social cinema series. The event is free and open to all to attend. The screening will take place in Stockwell Building’s LT 0004 at 6pm.

Will you make it?

The Sound of Music Sing Along

12038609_1646967475571699_3409309374301863083_oMonday the 8th of March / LT 0004 / 6pm

The hills are alive!

Don’t miss our excellent opportunity to join in with the Von Trapp Family Singers as they belt their way through the German Army, the Swiss Alps and Rogers and Hammerstein’s Sound of Music.  Hosted by CPDA Head of Department Professor Gregory Sporton, you are encouraged to dress for the event (nuns, nazis, cows, edelweiss), and after a brief vocal warm up, join the cast in the fabulous event that is a Sing-a-long Sound of Music. Tired of watching films all on your own?Then attend this Social Cinema must-see, and resolve once and for all whether Gauti Sigthorssen really is Julie Andrews’ love child. 


Social Cinema: Into Eternity

Into Eternity Graphic


CPDA’s Social Cinema series returns on the 25th of January with a screening of  ‘Into Eternity’. 

Open to all students and staff and 100% cheaper than going to the cinema (it is a free screening), it’s virtually impossible to say no. You’re very welcome, people of Greenwich!

The screening will take place at 6pm in Stockwell Street‘s Lecture Theatre 0004.

Join in online and post about the event using the hashtag #socialcinema!