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Humans of Stockwell Street #1

Gergana Vasileva from Bulgaria

First year in Graphic and Digital Design

“Life is a journey and I’m still learning until I die.” 

What’s your favourite thing about studying at Stockwell street?
Like I said, I’m still in first year and I’m not sure what is it going to look like later on, but I enjoy the fact that I met a lot of creative people. You have the freedom to do and experiment more.


What is your advice to future students?
I would say it’s a great university and as I said, I really enjoy it. I will just tell them, go for it. Come here and you’ll be able to express yourself. It truly is a great place.


What is your favourite memory?
The thing that I mostly enjoy is, we’ve been doing something called ink and bleach, once a week, we were experimenting with a lot of different things and it was so much fun.

Humans of Stockwell Street


The ‘Humans of Stockwell street’ project, is inspired by the facebook page, called ‘Humans of New York’.

Its purpose is to introduce some of our students, staff and lecturers at ‘Stockwell Street’. It is also for our applicants who are just now applying to the University of Greenwich, providing advice, and it is a nice way to get to know the people they are going to be spending time with.

We are going to be posting two interviews on this page, every week. If you’d like to get involved in our campaign, please email me at It wouldn’t take more than ten minutes of your time and you’ll be changing the world.