Humans of Stockwell Street #9

Rokas Zilinskas

From Lithuania. First year in Digital arts practice.

“Don’t give up.”

What is your favourite thing about studying at Stockwell street?
The building is brand new and very nice. And there are a lot of facilities that are really useful for your course. If I want, I can use them to their full potential and do some great stuff here.

What is your advice to future students?
I would say not to worry too much because people here are very helpful. Try to make a lot of friends too, because that helps a lot. Just be yourself and try and use the university as much as possible. What’s more, use all of the things that are given to you.

What is your favourite memory from your university life?
I would say my favourite memory would be the fresher’s fair because there were a lot of events happening and it was fun. I really enjoyed it.