Humans of Stockwell Street #4

Bethany Wilkins

From Northamptonshire. Third year in Graphic design.

What motivates you when it comes to doing your deadlines and your projects?
Where I come from, I just don’t want to end up like everyone else there. I’d rather have a good job, work hard, have something that I enjoy doing instead of bar work and waiting. I’m the first one who went to university from my family.

What’s your advice to a future student?
If you do have a job, which you’ll probably need to have; try not let that overrule your work. Uni will come first but it is important to obviously make money. Just try to make time to study and sleep, and to do more than I’m doing right now.


A question from a student: Why did you pick this particular course?
It was more the fact that on the website, it described it as everything that I wanted to do. I wasn’t quite sure what subject I wanted to study, so that’s why graphic design was something I could relate to because you get to study everything at once. It’s broadening my skills.