Humans of Stockwell Street #1

Gergana Vasileva from Bulgaria

First year in Graphic and Digital Design

“Life is a journey and I’m still learning until I die.” 

What’s your favourite thing about studying at Stockwell street?
Like I said, I’m still in first year and I’m not sure what is it going to look like later on, but I enjoy the fact that I met a lot of creative people. You have the freedom to do and experiment more.


What is your advice to future students?
I would say it’s a great university and as I said, I really enjoy it. I will just tell them, go for it. Come here and you’ll be able to express yourself. It truly is a great place.


What is your favourite memory?
The thing that I mostly enjoy is, we’ve been doing something called ink and bleach, once a week, we were experimenting with a lot of different things and it was so much fun.