Social Cinema: The Line Up

It’s back!

Our fortnightly film series is bringing more film, more themes and more mockery than before.

Social Cinema is a free, interactive series that pushes you to think about film (the classics, the cult and the damn right awful) in a new way. Each installment provides both a discussion, led by our academics, as well as a full screening of that week’s pick. It’s possibly the first cinema experience to ask you to get out your phones! We positively encourage you to tweet your love and / or disdain. So… a free cinema experience, where you can still be on your phone? When’s the next one!?

Monday 17th October: 

‘His American Dream Is Bigger Than Yours’: Neoliberal Aesthetics in Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain (2013)

(Discussion led by Alex Lichtenfels)



Monday 31st October:

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: Reflexive Commentary in I Survived A Zombie Holocaust ​(2015)

(Discussion led by Ian Thompson)



Monday 14th November: 

REMEMBRANCE DAY SPECIAL: The Code of Storytelling in The Imitation Game (2015)

(Discussion led by Ryan Flynn)















Monday 28th November: 

The Best of the Bonds? On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

(Discussion led by Gregory Sporton/Chris Nunn)



Monday 12th December: 



The screenings always take place in Lecture Theatre 11_0004 at 6pm every other Monday. All students welcome to attend. Bring your friends, bring your snacks and bring your opinions!

We hope to see you there.