Social Cinema: Sound of Gravity









At the 2014 Academy Awards Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity won seven Oscars. Three of these seven were for sound:

  • Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures,
  • Best Achievement in Sound Mixing,
  • Best Achievement in Sound Editing.

The sonic element forms a vital component of the filmic experience, unseen and often neglected.

The next Social Cinema recognises the importance of sound in the filmic experience by presenting the feature film alongside a Sonic Documentary made by the films Sound Designer, Glen Freemantle.

Merging sound design with the memories and reflections of real Cosmonauts and Astronauts, Glen Freemantle explores the possibilities afforded by sound in constructing evocative and compelling dramatic narratives.

Join us in LT0004, on the 11th April for a sonic journey and the final Social Cinema screening of the year.

6pm – Sounds Up There, by Glen Freemantle (Best Achievement in Sound Editing 2014, Gravity)

6:30pm – Gravity, by Alfonso Cuarón (et al.)