Unit 15 :: Time Machines :: Nic Clear / Mike Aling / Simon Withers – 2012/13

There is no idea, however ancient and absurd, that is not capable of improving our knowledge. Paul Feyerabend   I went to a restaurant that serves “breakfast at any time.” So I ordered French toast during the Renaissance. Steven Wright

  • Imagine that you are on a rock that is rotating at 652mph and travelling through space at 67,000mph. Imagine that this rock is 4.54 million years old, has a mass of 5.9 x 1018 tonnes and is home to 8.7 billion different species.
  • Imagine that you are located somewhere on that rock within an area of 610 sq miles that is home to 13 million of the rocks most advanced species.
  • Imagine that your specific location enables you to move freely for over 21 miles at a maximum speed of 50mph and potentially brings you into contact with 192,000 of these advanced life forms every day.
  • Imagine that you are asked to analyse and record that location with respect to movement, space, and time.
  • Imagine that you can slow time down or speed it up, or even stop it completely: that you can travel forwards or backwards in time, or create endless loops of time.
  • Imagine that you select a specific part of that location and propose an intervention that constitutes a ‘Time Machine’.
  • Imagine that within your ‘Time Machine’ you have the capacity to construct spatial narratives that inherently communicate your values as a designer.
  • Welcome to Unit 15.

Unit 15 uses film, animation and motion graphics to generate, develop and represent architectural and spatial concepts and interventions.

Field Trip: Paris
Practice Support: Waugh Thistleton Architects will continue to support Unit 15.





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