Y2 – Sound In Space



Beginning with an exploration of the acoustic properties of sound in spaces, students will be introduced to the development for spatial audio practice. From the significance of spatial acoustics in Mesolithic cave art, to spatial distribution of choirs and musicians in polyphony through to stereo and multichannel audio reproduction via loudspeaker

Students will be introduced to various concepts of space and how these might relate to or inspire spatial audio practice (conceptual spaces, dramatic spaces, environmental spaces, acoustic spaces).

They will engage with multichannel recording techniques and the live performance of spatial sound through multichannel diffusion system and loudspeaker orchestra. Working towards developing composition strategies for a diverse range of multichannel configurations.

2nd Year Show - Concert

What will you submit?
Loudspeaker Orchestra Performance
Multichannel Sound Composition

Formats of Study

Weekly Lecture
Weekly Seminar
Self-Directed Study (Research & Composition – Listening, Reading & Studio Practice)

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