Y1 – Organising Sounds



How do sounds work? How can we sounds fit together? Why do some sounds fit well together, while others do not? What makes something musical? Are sounds musical? Can sounds be music? Where does music end and noise begin? This course will investigate these questions to build up an understanding of past and contemporary sound practice.

As the composer Edgard Varese said:

‘There are still people who, while admitting that it is “interesting”, say: “but is it music?” It is a question that I am only too familiar with. [… So] I decided to call my music “Organised Sound”.

[… The] new medium [of recording] has brought composers almost endless possibilities of expression, and opened up for them the whole mysterious world of sound.’

Edgard Varese, in Cox, C; Warner, D (2007) Audio Cultures: readings in modern music. p.20.

Students will learn how sound functions as a medium. They will explore acoustics and psychoacoustics and apply these core principals of sound to develop a series of creative outputs.

What will you submit?
Portfolio of Creative Outputs. Equivalent to 5 minutes.

Students will select and research a genre or style of music/sound practice covered within the course, and will develop a creative work inspired by it.

What will you submit?
Creative work – 4 minutes
Reflective Document – 1000 words

Formats of Study

Weekly Lecture
Weekly Seminar or Workshop
Self-Directed Study (Research – Listening and Reading)
Self-Directed Study (Studio Practice)

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