Y1 – Creative Coding



The intention of this course is to introduce computer coding as a creative activity. It is important for students to be more than users of software: to be able to engage with a creative process beyond that provided by a particular software paradigm. They need to be able to create their own software, not as a tool, or a product, but as creative work in itself.

As code forms the backbone of all means of digital expression this course is intended to provide students with the ability to understand how and why digital technology exists in the forms it takes and provides them with the skills to take part in creating, hacking and / or disrupting those forms.

You will work with the ChucK audio programming language.

What will you submit?
Seminar Presentations
Portfolio of Coded Artefacts

Formats of Study

Weekly Lecture
Weekly Workshop
Self-Directed Study (Research – Coding and Reading)
Self-Directed Study (Lab Practice)

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