Sound/ Image Colloquium 2015

The event took place on the weekend of the 7th / 8th November 2015, at the Stockwell Street Building in Greenwich.

We were delighted to invite Michel Chion to join us as special guest.
With additional keynote talks from Jo Hyde and Mairead McClean.

We hosted four talk session, three keynote talks, five screenings, two concerts and installations and gallery exhibits.


Programme Overview




Talks 1 – Saturday Morning

  • The image as trigger of imagined sounds

Victoria Karlsson, University of the Arts.

  • The Orphic Turn

Daniel H. Foster, University of East Anglia.

  • Snap-stick, (Slapstick), Crack and Rustle: locating the sonic-signifier

Kevin Logan, CRiSAP, UAL.

  • Audiovisual Coherence and Physical Presence: I am there, therefore I am.

Louise Harris, University of Glasgow.

Talks 2 – Saturday Afternoon

  • KEYNOTE – L’audio-logo-visuel; la re-division sensorielle

 Michel Chion,

  • Mapping the materiality of off-screen sound

Lucy Fife Donaldson, University of St Andrews.

  • Lis Rhodes: Light Music

Dr. Aimee Mollaghan, Edgehill University.

Talks 3 – Sunday Morning

  • Ventriloquial Acts: Critical Reflections on the Art of Foley

Matt Lewis, Call & Response.

  • Acousmatic Foley

Sara Pinheiro

  • Determining the appropriateness of sound/image relationships in parallel sets of music videos for Bon Iver’s deluxe edition.

Alex Jeffery, City University, London

  • Cinema = Music and the other way round in Jim Jarmusch’s films

Céline Murillo, Université Paris 13/Sorbonne Paris Cité.

Talks 4 – Sunday Afternoon

  • KEYNOTE – The Audiovisual Contract: Towards a Phenomenological Approach to Sound/Image Relationships 

Jo Hyde, Bath Spa University.

  • The Sound of Visual Art.

Sandra Kazlauskaite, Goldsmiths, University of London.

Click here for full abstracts.



Screening One

  • Stewart Collinson & Andrea Szigetvári – Transitus Angeli 
  • Richy Carey & Walther Ruttman – Opus One
  • Philip Sanderson – Fleshtones
  • Jon Weinel – cenote sagrado
  • Maura McDonnell – Silk Chroma 
  • Andrew Hill – FLUX 
  • Antonino Chiaramonte & Adriano Cirulli – Falling
  • Joseph Hyde – Cloud Chamber 
  • Mairéad McClean – No More
  • Mairéad McClean – Artist talk.


Screening Two

  • Miguel Mera, Bruno Mathez & Tony Thatcher – Morriña
  • Monty Adkins & Laurent Segretier – Skylar et Bliss
  • Martin Keary – VISUAL MUSIC 01 & 02
  • Robert Cahen & Michel Chion – JUSTE LE TEMPS
  • Michel Chion – EPONINE
  • Michel Chion – Extracts from THIRD SYMPHONY (a work in progress)
  • Michel Chion – ENTREE – extract from LA MESSE DE TERRE, 1996 (EARTH’S MASS)


Click here for full programme notes.


Saturday Evening


  • Sara Pinhero – Acousmatic Foley, Study I
  • Annelie Nederberg – Ayvalık And-act
  • Nikos Stravopolus – Ballistichory
  • Antonino Chiaramonte – Riflessioni
  • Michel Chion – Six Studies in Concrete Music

Click here for full programme notes.

Sunday Evening

Live VJ Performances:

BREATHING SPACE {Lou Barnell, Melaina Barnes, Hannah White, Phoebe Wright-Spinks, Ian Thompson & Stephen Shiell}
Christain Heinrichs, Alessia Milo & Bogdan Vera
Kingsley Ash
Alo Allik
Yiannis Kanelis (aka Mellankeffekt)


Soundscapes – University of Greenwich Galleries Exhibition
Jing Wang & Harvey Goldman
Jung In Jung
Ulle Nolden
Russell Duke
Stuart Cunningham
Julie Watkins
Francesc Marti
Alexander Wendt

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