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One of my colleagues has passed on some interesting news, received through the Philos-L email list, an important source of ‘in house’ news for philosophers.  Current and future philosophy students might be surprised (or not) to learn that:


Good Luck to all the new Students

With clearing just beginning and a whole bunch of A-level results coming through, it’s that time of year when new students are trying to find a good place to be the for the next few years of their education.  If

Summer Reading list


SUMMER READING     Levels 5 and 6

Below is a list of recommended books for summer reading. You are not expected to have read all of these by September [!] We suggest that you select a couple of texts

Philosophy blogging from Greenwich

This will be the home of the Philosophy blog for the Philosophy group at the University of Greenwich.  The group is based inside the Social, Cultural and Political Studies (SCPS) Department in the School of Humanities.  We work on the