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Welcome to the  PG Cert in HE




This blog is designed to help you get started on the programme even before the face-to-face induction events and before you have access to the Moodle environment.

The programme is run in an online flexible mode which means that while some of it requires you to attend induction events and study days much of the work is run online in Moodle on a week by week basis. In Moodle there are activities for you to take part in both as an individual learner and as part of a large or small group.  Your activity online will be monitored and you will be required to login at least once a week, although more often  will help you to keep up to date with activities and discussions.  A distinctive feature of this programme is collaborative learning, where the teaching team and participants work together to further their knowledge and pursue avenues of enquiry.

The programme team monitor the programme to ensure your needs are being met. You will be contributing to this by taking part in an evaluation exercise at the end of each course, and by asking your representative on the programme committee  to raise any issues of concern.

We wish you every success.

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