Visual research and discourse research

workspace-3.JPGIt was the seminar of pretty pictures.

In Research Methods yesterday we covered the two essays in the “Texts and Pictures” section of Pickering, ed. Research Methods in Cultural Studies (2008): “Analysing Visual Experience” by Sarah Pink and “Analysing Discourse” by Martin Barker.

The two journal articles I used as examples are Grayson Cooke, “De-interfacement” (2010) and Niloofar Niknam, “Hidden Media” (2010) (sign in via the University Student Portal to access the full text).

In our discussion of data visualization, images and the relationship between the analysis of data and discourse analysis we looked at the Guardian Datablog, the Information is Beautiful blog and book, Wordle word clouds created online, and screenshots from the new game Chromaroma, developed by Mudlark, which uses individuals’ Oyster card travel data for gameplay (see article here).

The photo is from one of my own forays into visual research, a blog post on slack space I wrote this spring.

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