ALT Learning Technologist of the Year 2015: Project Team Shortlisted

ALT Learning Technologist of the Year awards

The Greenwich Connect Project Team (Simon Walker, Ralph Barthel, Antony Coombs, Mark Anderson, Michael Downes, Gosia Iwaniec, Tieska Jumbo, Lawal Muhammad, Yang Yang) were nominated for the annual ALT Learning Technologist of the Year awards this year. These awards, which

Enhancing College-Based Higher Education: Conference Report

Cartoon by John Spencer (CC-BY-2.0). The caption reads: She keeps talking about student engagement, but I'm too young to be getting married

In July 2015 I had the pleasure of facilitating a workshop on Flipped Learning at Capturing HE-ness: A Teaching and Learning Conference to Enhance College-Based Higher Education,  which was hosted by the University of Greenwich Access and Partnerships Unit for our

Reflections on the Apple Mobile Learning Days

Image adapted from 'Ipad is coming' by Jacco van Giessen via Flickr
On the 22nd and 23rd June 2105 the faculty of Science & Engineering organised “Apple Mobile Learning Day” events on Medway campus and in Stockwell Street respectively. My colleague Yang Yang attended in Medway, whilst I went to Stockwell Street. This

Sparking Ideas – Sharing Educational Innovation (Shift 2015)


Over 140 staff and students from the across the university attended Shift 2015: Sparking Ideas – Sharing Educational Innovation organised by the Teaching Fellow Network. More than 30 colleagues presented two themed sessions, Lighting the fire and fanning the flames of

Flipping the Institution: Higher Education in the Post Digital Age (APT Conference 2015)

Olympus Photography Playground Berlin

This year’s APT (Academic Practice and Technology) conference is entitled “Flipping the Institution: Higher Education in the Post Digital Age” and will take place on the Tuesday 7th July 2015 on the world heritage campus at the