A path to the Flipped institution?

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Flipped classroom practices have been identified as important developments in pedagogy by numerous sector-scanning reports. For example Innovating Pedagogy 2014: Open University Innovation Report (Sharples, et.al 2014),  Horizon Report 2014: Higher Education Edition (NMC 2014) and Horizon Report 2015:

Information Literacy Needs a Role in the Curriculum

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Student employability is a top priority for higher education institutions worldwide.  Thus many educators are actively seeking ways to improve their teaching practices so that students are not just learning the skills necessary for competency in the subject area, but

Open Educational Resources


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The development of educational resources is something that is often born out of the needs of students.  Today, technology now pervades all aspects of our lives.  However,

Digital Scholarship: Conducting Digital Research

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Social Media Icons, Illustration, www.youthofest.com,Web, Accessed 6 May 2014

Our world, both within and outside of academia, continues to change dramatically due to significant advances in technology and its use in education. To retain

Scrutinising MOOCs: Lessons for online distance learning

Scrutinising MOOCs: Lessons for Online Distance Learning

Exploring landscapes of distance learning

A major focus for the Greenwich Connect team here at the University of Greenwich is to explore and identify best practices in online distance learning, and to encourage and support innovation in this field within

Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom

What is “flipped classroom”?

Flipped classroom refers to an approach in teaching which reverses traditional session structure and moves lecture content to an online environment that is to be accessed ahead of the class. By doing so the time spent