Recording students’ physical performances for reflection and feedback

Adapted from 'As You Like It #3' by Thompson River University via Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) The university has recently confirmed funding for the Panopto video recording and playback system, following the pilot in the first part of the year. During the pilot, we wanted to focus on four separate use scenarios: recording teaching in classrooms,

Exploring how flipped learning supports students in developing problem solving skills [SHIFT2015]

This is a follow up post exploring the work of Dr. Tatiana Simmonds (Principal Lecturer, Computing and Information Systems Department) and Zoe Swan (Senior Lecturer in Law). The first post, Flipped classroom at the University of Greenwich: our lecturers discuss, featured an interview conversation

Enhancing students’ digital information sharing with Branch


My name is Wim Vandekerckhove, and I’m a Principal Lecturer from Faculty of Business. I used equipment provided by the 2014/2015 Seed fund as part of a digital research theme using Google Nexuses with my Business Ethics Course. Below I

Flipped classrooms at the University of Greenwich: our lecturers discuss


Ah this flipping flip again …  Since Colorado Science teachers Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams sparked excitement and discussions around the flipped classroom in K-12 Education, many educators have pointed out that a similar method has been practised for years

Erica Sheward: Delivering effective student feedback using Adobe Connect

Erica Sheward at the Natural Resources Institute (NRI) has been using Adobe Connect in order to improve the quality of feedback given to students. Previous student questionnaires revealed that the students were generally unhappy with how feedback was given within

Peer guidance: student-created audio assessment guides

Gavin Rand, who teaches History, Politics, and Social Sciences at the University of Greenwich, had a creative and collaborative idea to utilise the experience of his Level 5 History students to create audio assessment guides for his Level 4 History

Professional Practice: Using Digital Cameras in Public Relations Education

Paul Simpson, a Senior Lecturer in our Faculty of Business, put in a successful bid for the 2013/4 round of Seed Fund Projects, challenging his students to record and present themselves and their ideas visually, using a package of hand-held

Engaging Students in Learning through Podcasts

Andrew Ferrier from the Faculty of Business used equipment provided by the 2013/14 Seed Fund round as part of an investigation into alternative methods of assessment.

The primary goal of assessment is to allow students to demonstrate the depth of