Flipped Learning in BA Education Studies

Ciara Doyle recorded on Panopto

Almost two years have passed since our first meeting with Flipped classroom enthusiasts at the University of Greenwich. Since then the number of enthusiasts has grown significantly, and since then we have seen some fantastic work from across the faculties. Our Community of Practice for Flipped Classroom reached 140 members this month. (If you would like to be part of our vibrant community, please email m.iwaniec@gre.ac.uk)

Last time I shared with you a podcast discussion of two lecturers sharing their experiences (Flipped classrooms at the University of Greenwich: our lecturers discuss). This time I would like to share with you a short interview with a different lecturer who has also been experimenting with flipping, followed by a short chat with her students.

I met Ciara Doyle (Senior Lecturer in Youth and Community Work) during one of the Flipped Classroom learning CPD workshops. During this workshop we discussed the philosophy, challenges and merits of the method, as well as an array of strategies and tools that can enhance the method. One of the discussed tools was – Panopto – which the University subscribed to from the beginning of the academic year. Ciara has been using Panopto as her recording tool.

In the short discussion with Ciara below, she talks about her first exposure to the idea of flipping which, surprisingly, was as a parent several years ago. Her son had elements of flipping in his school, that only later did she discover was called flipping method. Ciara shared some of her observations and tips. She stressed the importance of equal access to course materials for students with all learning disabilities and circumstances, highlighting that flipped method caters for them all. She also talked about her hurdles in recording videos and her experiences in using Panoto. She then talked about different stages of flipping, and her plans on embedding quizzes to check the understanding the content, as well as some tips on how to ensure that students watch the videos and how that has changed over time.

Watch the discussion recording on Panopto.

Ciara, also kindly organised a few students to share their perceptions on flipping. We had four students (Devina, Hannah, Vanesa and Gabriela). We started with their assumptions on what a lecture should look like before they get to university and how this has changed with Ciara’s course.

Then, they commented on Ciara’s videos and how that has impacted their preparation for the sessions and their engagement in their sessions. They’ve raised points on how Panopto videos are great for revision and impact on their research skills. Interestingly, students raised a point of how “home made” videos were showing their lecturers as humans and consequently creating a personal touch to the teacher – student relationship. Similarly to Ciara, students also mentioned that having the videos available on their Moodle caters for different learning styles and students circumstances at home. Overall, they’ve agreed that they would like this type of teaching in other courses as it adds value to their course. They’ve also highlighted that course attendance could be improved if students knew that they would have to engage with flipping as that would give them more in-depth activities and discussions in the class as opposed to lectures.

Watch the discussion recording on Panopto.

The videos were recorded and edited by Viktor Krastev, one of the current EDU interns specialising in video production.

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