Developing Media Skills for Online Teaching

Storyboarding at the NRIWe’ve been working closely with academic staff in the Natural Resources Institute over the past few months, as they prepare to launch their new fully online MSc in Food Safety and Quality Management.

In addition to facilitating bespoke curriculum development workshops for online distance learning, we have been helping the programme team to develop their multimedia skills.

EDU interns Viktor Krastev and Sinem Kunt are video production specialists. They have designed, and are currently delivering, a series of workshops to introduce staff to the basics of planning, producing, editing and sharing high-quality digital video – critical skills to have in this era of ‘flipped’ and blended learning and teaching.

“I think the NRI team really enjoyed their first video production workskop,” says Viktor. “I could tell it was strange for them at first. Storyboards and scripts aren’t something that teachers normally think about. But I think they learnt a few really important digital skills that will definitely come in useful in lots of ways in the future.”

Sinem and Viktor are also working closely with the university’s Taster Course development programme. We currently have five taster courses in production, and all colleagues are encouraged to contact us at if they would like to develop one of their own.

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