A visit from PebblePad (Jan 2016)

Pebblepad dashboard
Recently John Couperthwaite, our PebblePad representative, came to visit us at the University. We reviewed the work that has been done so far to introduce the system to colleagues at the University of Greenwich, and met with representatives from around the institution.

There are some significant improvements coming to the e-portfolio software later this year, which should help to solve existing problems. These were detailed in John’s┬ápresentation below:

PANOPTO VIDEO: Experience a Better Pebblepad: the V5 roadmap (25m17s)

Watch this using the Panopto web viewer

The presentation:

  • outlines changes to come in the next update
  • briefly demonstrates the new interface
  • introduces how the new html5 powered features will look and work

If you have interest in or would like more information about Pebblepad, please contact Lawal Muhammad (m.l.l.muhammad@greenwich.ac.uk).

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