Mobile Apps in Learning, Teaching & Assessment: ​is a Q&A and polling platform for live events, for audiences to ask questions in real time, anonymously if they wish, and vote in live polls via their phones, tablets or computers. It could be a simple alternative to classroom response system. Yet, its free version only allows its users to poll three questions in the format of Multiple Choice; Open Questions; and Range (stars).

Suggested Pedagogical designs

(1) Predict – Test -Surprise

Step 1 – Teacher ask students to predict in a real world situation, e.g. using a multiple choice question – how many hours do you think a household spend in weekly supermarket shopping on average?

Step 2- Teacher ask students to give answers to an open question, e.g. how many hours do you spend in weekly supermarket shopping?

Step 3 – Teacher reveals the summary of students’ answers in the whiteboard and to generate deeper discussion.

Step 4 – Teacher present the national results/international results on this question to generate the surprise and more discussions.

(2) Oversee student groups’ working processes and be responsive

Step 1- Students are doing group work in your class.

Step 2- Teacher allows groups to raise questions regarding their ongoing group work process and outcomes.

Step 3- Teacher oversees all the groups’ working processes and offers more tailored and timely feedback to different groups.

Pedagogical considerations

(1) seems more appropriate to large-size lectures or conferences than small seminars.

(2) Because it allows anonymity, it may offer opportunities to students who are shy to talk in public or some international students who are not too confident to speak english in large class to actively interact with the teacher.

(3) Teacher should prepare for unexpected results and answers from the live poll. User Guide:

If you need further support to successfully integrate use of into your teaching, please feel free to email at

This post is part of an ongoing series, taken from posts to our Community of Practice for the use of mobile apps in teaching, learning & assessment, which is open to all staff at the University of Greenwich and its partner institutions. If you would like to join the CoP, please contact Yang via

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