Call for Papers – Academic Practice and Technology Conference 2014


Academic Practice and Technology Conference (APT) 2014

Connected Learning in an Open World

Call for papers

 ‘Learning is a remarkably social process. In truth, it occurs not as a response to teaching, but rather as a result of a social framework that fosters learning. To succeed in our struggle to build technology and new media to support learning, we must move far beyond the traditional view of teaching as delivery of information. Although information is a critical part of learning, it’s only one among many forces at work. It’s profoundly misleading and ineffective to separate information, theories, and principles from the activities and situations within which they are used. Knowledge is inextricably situated in the physical and social context of its acquisition and use.’ John Seeley Brown – ‘Learning in a Digital Age’

This is a call for contributions to the 12th Academic Practice and Technology (APT) Conference at the University of Greenwich convened by the eCentre for Learning and Innovation Research.  This year’s conference is entitled “Connected Learning in an Open World” and will take place on the 8th July 2014 on the world heritage campus at the University of Greenwich.

Technology has facilitated significant change in terms of the way we interact and engage with each other, and with the knowledge we source and utilise.  There are a number of significant challenges for higher and post-compulsory education and training arising from these waves of rapid change.  This conference will seek to engage and debate both the challenges and responses emerging from institutions and practitioners. The themes of the conference will explore:

  •  the challenges for pedagogical design and development in an open world;
  • what it means to be a connected learner and a connected institution?
  • the impact of ‘disruptive’ and ‘transformative’ technologies on the student and academic experience, and on learning, teaching and assessment;
  • student-led learning, user-generated content and the challenges of remixing,  reusing and curating in a digital age;
  • emerging practices, tools and approaches that enhance learner engagement and transition;
  • the skills and attributes needed for the future workforce;
  • the relationship between universities, colleges, new e-learners and globalised e-employers.

Contributions to the conference programme that address one or more of the themes are sought from practitioners, researchers, students and employers in all education and training sectors.

Closing date for submissions is: Monday 3rd March 2014

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