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Green Impact Audits 2013

Two weeks ago 18 University Schools and Departments took part in a ‘half time’ audit as part of the Green Impact Scheme.

Green Impact challenges departments to enact a number of criteria that promote sustainable behaviours that contribute to the …

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Green Impact Launch 2012-13

This week saw the launch of the Green Impact project for the third consecutive year. Staff Sustainability Champions and interested students gathered at the Greenwich Campus to hear from the Vice Chancellor David Maguire and his vision for sustainability at …

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Caroline Troy: Being a Sustainability Champion

Today Caroline Troy, Sustainability Champion for the Natural Resources Institute (NRI) takes over the blog. Caroline was our most industrious sustainability champion last year and managed to achieve the Green Impact gold award – this year she has attempted to go for …

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New Member in the Sustainability Team: Meet Emily Crockford

Hello all! I am Emily Crockford and I will be working alongside Kat and John as a sustainability projects officer for Greenwich. It is great to be working for Greenwich and to be back in London and I am excited …

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EAUC Conference 2012 – Day 1

This week the Sustainability Team headed north to York University for the annual conference of the Environmental Association of Universities & Colleges (EAUC).  The conference is the main event for bringing together sustainability professionals from across the UK higher and …

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Launch of Team Greenhouse at the Mansion Site

On Wednesday afternoon the Avery Hill Mansion Site took a huge step towards a more sustainable future as the School of Education launched a new group to integrate sustainability into the School’s practises. The group which has been launched by Mark …

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Medway Campus Green Impact Collaboration

On Thursday the University of Greenwich teamed up with the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University to bring the efforts of the three universities together in implementing the Green Impact workbook at the Medway Campus. All three universities …
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Bigger, Better but with a Smaller Footprint…..

Green Impact II: The Sequel

Tuesday saw the launch of the second year of the University’s Green Impact project and Sustainability Champions Network. The project brings together sustainability champions from nearly every department within the University to complete a workbook-full …

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Guest Blog for the Guardian

Today the University of Greenwich Sustainability Champions ended up on the Guardian Higher Education Network. In a blog post written by the University’s Sustainable Projects Officer, John Bailey writes about some of the fantastic tasks completed by the champions and …

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Sustainability Awards

Tuesday saw the University of Greenwich celebrate its first annual Sustainability Awards. To celebrate the progress the University has made over that last 12 months an esteemed selection of 45 people chosen for their contribution to the University’s sustainability effort
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