Helping us recycle more


Greenwich staff have been asked to segregate their recycling from their under desk bins to conclude the University-wide programme that has helped us elsewhere improve our recycling rates.

Like many other organisations the University has invested in centralised recycling bins that are easy to use. The previous page includes a list of what can be recycled and what would be incinerated.

The reasons for doing this change are many:

  • It improves our recycling rates
  • It reduces waste sent for incineration
  • It helps illustrate our environmental responsibility and improve our Green League and other rating scores
  • It can help improve health and wellbeing as staff should regularly (every 50 minutes or so) get up and move about (taking the recycling and residuals to the bin can be a good reason to get away from the computer)
  • The cleaners don’t segregate the waste from the under desk bins instead this was previously incinerated, a waste of valuable resources (that affects our Green League score)
  • Well known, innovative companies (Apple, Google etc) use similar policies as it means staff have more positive interaction opportunities with colleagues and other staff and students
  • As a University we are producing less waste as staff are doing a good job in printing less so the requirement of regular bin emptying is becoming less needed
  • This approach helps staff understand the types and amounts of waste and recyclables they generate and this can trigger beneficial behaviour changes such as printing less.
  • Any financial savings can be put into improving the services to students and staff
  • It can make you feel good! Even small positive behaviours make people feel good. Over a year you can feel proud to have made a real difference to the planet and society.

What you can do:

  • If you produce a lot of paper consider getting a lid of a copier paper box and use this to collect paper. When full take it to your nearest recycling area.
  • Take your recycling to the centralised area on the way to the loo or lunch
  • Offer to take a colleague’s to share the job
  • Ask your Sustainability Champion (if your department has one) to give you advice to help you reduce the waste you generate or provide advice to help you respond to this change. If you don’t have a champion contact

For more information have a look at these slides:

Thank you for your support with this change, it can help make a world of difference.

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