Greenwich’s 2014-15 Sustainability Report


The University’s commitment to its sustainability responsibilities are highlighted in our freshly published Annual Report.

This highlights the exciting work that our staff and students have been undertaking to reduce our impacts and help ensure the institution is relevant to the needs of the present and the future.

This covers progress in the operational, teaching and research aspects of the University. It illustrates our strategy and the systems we apply to integrate the subject and captures the great work being done by our staff and also our students in delivering the agenda for a sustainable future.

Please share with researchers, students and other stakeholders.

Click here for a higher definition version of the report (11Mb).

This is a reflection of the academic year 2014-15 and covers only some of the great work being done here. If you have more stories you’d like to share and have some great articles (160-300 words) covering the current academic year that we can include in the next Annual Report then email

Thanks to all staff that contributed to the report and the work that has been done helping us move forward. Thanks too to Jazmine Linklater, a GWES graduate working with the Sustainable Development Unit, for compiling and designing the report!

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