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The University of Greenwich’s Sustainable Development Unit is a team of sustainability experts helping all areas of the University understand and implement improvements that deliver positive social, environmental and economic outcomes. Our University’s Sustainable Development Unit Offer sustainability performance is a strategic KPI and we can provide all levels and areas of the institution with support that can lead to innovations, cost savings, improvements to performance and help meet other key University KPIs.

If you are within the University please review the document below illustrating the expert, professionally delivered service offers to you, your department or Faculty.

Contact the Sustainable Development Unit

If you would like to know more about sustainability at the University or would like to get involved or seek our support please don’t hesitate to contact us.

E-mail us here or tweet us @Sust_Greenwich.

Simon Goldsmith, Head of Sustainability, with responsibility for leading the delivery of sustainability, developing strategy, projects, communication and external relationships. This is a full time position.

0208 331 8794 s.t.goldsmith@gre.ac.uk

Emily Mason, Environmental Management System Projects Officer, with responsibility for the delivery of the EMS, environmental champions programme, staff engagement, food and biodiversity projects. This is a full time position.

0208 331 7942 e.mason@gre.ac.uk

Every year we recruit at least two paid graduate interns each to each work full time for a three month period. These have included: Ryan Cooper, Jamal Pennie, Ramone Pennie, Jazmine Linklater and Jade Burnett. Contact 0208 331 3794

Flat 47, Aragon Court, Southwood Campus, Avery Hill, London SE9 2UG

Other staff with responsibilities for sustainability related issues include:

Simon Earp, Travel and Green Transport Manager, responsible for delivering the Travel and Green transport Plan including seeking to reduce the carbon footprint of our fleet and wider scope three travel related impacts of the university. This is a full time position.

0208 331 8528 s.earp@gre.ac.uk

Chantal Beaudoin, Sustainability Hub Manager, responsible for the UoG funded Sustainability Hub programme delivering sustainability projects with paid student interns. This is a FT position. The paid student interns equate to 1 FTE.

0208 331 7656 c.beaudoin@gre.ac.uk


The University provides the SDU with specific funding to help deliver its sustainability goals. This covers staff time working directly within the SDU, students that are recruited to run certain projects such as the End of Term Reuse project, funds to invest in energy, waste and water behaviour change programmes for staff and students, the edible garden and biodiversity projects in addition funds to cover learning and development around sustainability issues. It covers appropriate audit and professional costs including or our EMS and other works, memberships and subscriptions. Beyond this the University funds the Sustainability Hub in addition to the funding of graduates of which we have recruited five over the past two years each working for a 3 month period.


The University of Greenwich

For information about the University of Greenwich, the programmes we provide, the research we undertake, information and news visit our website and follow our twitter feed.




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