Annual Sustainability Report Template for Contributions


 Please copy and then paste the text below into a Word document and when completed please email to at the Sustainable Development Unit by 30th September 2016.

If you have more than one submission please complete a separate template for each.





Extension Number:

Department, Faculty/Directorate:



Brief title of activity/report:


Description of activity/ report (please complete in fewer than 200 words.) _________________________________________________________________________





What were the main positive environmental outcomes? (e.g. energy saving, pollution reduction)


What were the main positive social outcomes? (e.g. staff motivation, team building, staff wellbeing, networking, improved student experience)


What were the main economic outcomes? (e.g. saving money through energy reduction, increased student recruitment/retention)


Please identify any other outcomes (e.g. communication, new research etc.)


What did you learn? (e.g. what challenges did you face?, how did you overcome them? Did you gain knowledge or confidence etc).


Who else was involved/engaged with the item? (e.g. staff, students, external orgnisations/individuals)


Anything else you’d like to add:




When completed please email to by 30th September 2016.

Please note we can’t guarantee inclusion of all submissions.

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