The University  recognises the need to deliver travel services to enable student and staff to travel  safely, efficiently and responsibly between its three main campus sites. Our Transport Plan provides the context and the approach the University is making to wherever possible enable users to reduce their car dependency, using alternative, healthy and low carbon options.

 Click here for travel information about how to get to our campuses.

To reduce your travel impacts you can follow the hierarchy below that can help lower the carbon intensity of your travel.

UoG travel hierarchy

The Transport Team undertake research into the commuting habits of staff to better understand modal split and also to help calculate the Scope 3 Carbon emissions from these activities. The 2016 report can be viewed here. Further analysis of the direct (Scope 1) and indirect (Scope 3) carbon emissions relating to our organisational travel and transport requirementscan be reviewed here.

Staff and students can make use of 5hare a lift share scheme the University is working with.

The University has a cycle to work scheme to incentivise staff to buy a new bike and to use it to commute. Staff can save up to 42% on a bike and accessories and the scheme is run through Halfords meaning you can buy not only from their selection but also from a wide range of independent bike shops. The scheme runs through salary sacrifice arrangements meaning you save by paying less on income tax and NI contributions.

Find out more by visiting the Staff Portal, from the Support tab click Human resources and then select the Cycle to Work Scheme from the list.

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