Students on the MA & MSc in Film Production develop creative and technical approaches to the relationship between digital film technology, production workflows, and professional practice.

The MA route allows you to focus on areas such as writing, directing, and producing. The MSc allows you to focus on areas such as VFX, cinematography, editing, and sound design.

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“My experience at the University of Greenwich was great. There are great tutors to help you learn artistry and techniques, but it’s up to you to incorporate your own personal touch to develop a unique style of storytelling. And this what I appreciated the most from being here: the constant encouragement that you get from the tutors, and their aim to promote and elevate the film industry in London. Thanks to that, I have now made my first feature film. This wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous support from a great, friendly and professional staff, high-end equipment & facilities.” Rudy Carpio, 2016

“Postgraduate study is always a personal journey, but when you have high-end facilities and great mentors, it can be a highly enhanced experience. That’s what I’ve found at Greenwich, an evolving environment with staff that are also filmmakers, so there’s a fine balance between theory and practice. Going through this MSc was a real turning point as a cinematographer.” Ariel Dos Santos, 2015

“Apart from the technical know-how, the confidence of knowing I can now work at a professional level is the most rewarding experience I got from the course.” Luke Oyovbaire, 2015

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